Meet Jen - Jennifer Grundner

Welcome! I'm Jen. 

I'm a dreamer, a deep feeler, and a noticer. A creative, healer and a curious thinker. A guide and a space holder, and a truth seeker. I am compassionate and open and always learning new things. I am so many things! As we all are.  

I have a husband that grounds me in ways I didn't know I needed, and two busy boys that continually teach me things about life I didn't know existed.

The ways I connect with my family and myself, are the inspiration for how I help create connection in a photograph - by connecting to the essence that already exist within, and holding safe and loving space for it to be seen.  

As a stay at home mom deep in the joys and frustrations of everyday life, I have found photography to be a wonderful way of preserving the moments I've loved and it has helped me to more mindfully find the beauty so easily overlooked in my messy and ordinary days.

I've grown to appreciate and look for the magical moments in between, where connection lies and the truth of my life exists. Letting go of "perfect" and allowing myself to enjoy life just the way it is.

I've lived in the prairies of Saskatchewan's south and the forests of the north and currently make my home with my family on an acreage in the Boreal Forest north of the city of Prince Albert, SK, Canada. Living close to nature has inspired me to connect with her beauty too, and those images are available under the "Fine Art Nature Photography" menu. 

One of the greatest gifts I have been given is the opportunity to witness real life moments, meaningful connections, authenticity, emotion, and love in people, and  reflecting this with my own creative and intuitive voice. The ability to be a clear mirror to others, helping them to see that which they often cannot, has been a profoundly humbling experience for me. One I respect and honor, and find joy in.

My past 20 years of employed work has given me an unexpected, but amazing perspective and insight into our culture at this time in history - most especially the wounded feminine and masculine aspects of humanity currently being expressed and experienced by many people today. 10 years in the aviation industry provided me with many experiences of the wounded masculine through the ways I was treated as a woman in an "old school" male dominated field. As a Registered Nurse for 9 years working in a female dominated workforce, I experienced the opposite -  the wounded feminine, and the destructive and painful ways that wound expresses itself between female caregivers; very depleted, undervalued and undernourished caregivers working in system that is not sustainable. This insight and experience has given me a powerfully clear perspective which I have channeled for the purposes of working to heal both the wounded feminine and masculine, and returning us to the original blueprint of Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine on Earth, through the healing of myself, my family, and the healing of others who wish to do so.


In 2017, I took the deep dive and left my career as a Registered Nurse to follow the awakened callings of my heart; to be more present for my family, rediscover myself, and pursue a career in healing that felt more aligned with my evolving beliefs and understanding of true health and wellness and our human experience as spiritual beings. I've discovered that disease originates from within and can be healed form within as well. And that path begins and ends with us and our willingness to change.

From my career as an Obstetrical Nurse, I know for certain that within each woman lives a beautiful and powerful essence. A women who is confident, listens and trusts herself, knows what she needs and wants, how to support herself, and can make what feels impossible - possible. I've met this inner essence through hundreds of labors and births, and supported women to access the place inside where they find vast amounts of inner resources they didn't know they had. And I've noticed, and lived it myself, how disconnected most of us are from her. It is my mission to change this.

I've made the incredibly huge journey of reconnection to myself, and take immense honor and joy in guiding women to the space of reconnection within themselves.

The process of Soulography™ was found when I "accidentally" and then intentionally merged my love of photography and intuition together.

It's been incorporated into a high value 6 month transformational offering currently being created, from my heart to yours.

I would love to work with you! 

♡ Jen 

Jen holds a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the University of Saskatchewan, with 9 years experience as an RN primarily in the fields of neonatal and perinatal/obstetrical nursing. She also holds certifications in multiple healing modalities; Reiki Master level,  Advanced Integrated Energy Therapy and Flower of Life Akashic Certification Level 2. She is a self taught lifestyle photographer.

She is in the lifelong process of continuing to deepen into greater connection with herself.

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