the artist - Jennifer Grundner

Welcome! I'm Jen. 

I'm a dreamer, a deep feeler, and a noticer. A wisher, creator, healer and a curious thinker. A guide and a space holder, and a truth seeker. I am compassionate and open and always learning new things. I am so many things! As we all are.  

I have a husband that grounds me in ways I didn't know I needed, and two busy boys that continually teach me things about life I didn't know existed.

The ways I connect with my own family are the inspiration for how I help others to connect in a photograph - by tapping into the connection that already exist within them and each other, and holding a space for them to express that.  

As a stay at home mom deep in the joys and frustrations of everyday life, I have found photography to be a wonderful way of preserving the moments I've loved and it has helped me to more mindfully find the beauty so easily overlooked in my messy and ordinary days.

I've grown to appreciate and look for the magical moments in between, where connection lies and the truth of my life exists. Letting go of "perfect" and allowing myself to enjoy life just the way it is.

I enjoy seeing connection in joyful and happy moments, but it is a gift to find it in the hard moments and I truly believe our lives are deeply enriched by not only the joyful times, but the grief and sadness too. 

I've lived in the prairies of Saskatchewan's south and the forests of the north and currently make my home with my family on an acreage in the Boreal Forest north of the city of Prince Albert, SK, Canada. Living close to nature has inspired me to document her beauty too and those images are available under the "woodlands & wanderlust" menu. 

One of the greatest gifts I have been given is the opportunity to witness real life moments, meaningful connections, authenticity, emotion, and love in people, and now expressing this through my own creative voice. 

In 2017, I took the deep dive and left my career as a Registered Nurse to follow the deeper callings of my heart; to be more present for myself and my family, and to pursue a career in healing that felt more aligned to my evolving beliefs and understanding of health and wellness.

The process of Soulography™ was born when I merged my love of photography and life long interest in intuition together. 

Thank you for enjoying my work!

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