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The Wisdom Within

Welcome, dear one! And welcome back... to you.

The one who's felt unseen and unheard.

The one who's felt unworthy to create time and space for her needs and desires.

The one who put her needs and desires aside for so long she forgot what they were, but she feels the restless unnameable anxiety swirling within where her fulfilled heart would be.

Welcome back to you... the one who is ready to change all of that.

Otherwise you wouldn't be here in this space reading these words. Your heart led you here; it saw light and a way, and it wanted to follow it.

You're here because you are ready to choose you.

To say yes to remembering who you are, and turning within to find out who that is.

You've been looking outside yourself for long enough to know there's no authentic answers out there.

You are ready for the truth.

Your truth.

Welcome, my friend.

I know that disconnected feeling well as I've lived it most of my life. But I no longer live it, and so I know for certain it can be healed.

Welcome back to the wisdom within - your inner wisdom.

The place of knowing that you've been conditioned to override, to doubt, to mistrust, and to fear.

You were told it wasn't safe to listen to this part of you, that it wasn't logical, it wasn't practical, and it would get you nowhere.

As a woman you were also told you were irrational and too emotional.

And If you are a highly sensitive woman then you got the additional message you were too sensitive and over reactive, and you likely never learned to recognize where you end and others begin - what's your's and what's not.

But what if I told you these so called "deficits", are gifts?

That they were designed to be the key, the code AND the translator to the place where all your answers and guidance come from - within.

What if it's true that you just weren't taught how to use it? Or what it even was?

My passion is to help women reconnect to the one vital place they should have never been disconnected from - themselves.

To learn it IS safe to trust themselves, it IS safe to listen to and follow their own hearts!

To help them hear their heart's wisdom. To help them follow it.

For thousands of years women have been suppressed and repressed through shame and misrepresentation.

Presently, we live as free as we ever have on the external, but we are caught in an internal bondage of beliefs and patterns that keep us repeating limiting choices in our lives.

We appear free on the outside, but we are trapped on the inside.

And until we re-establish our inner connection to our truth, we cannot live personally meaningful lives of our own conscious creation.

We live empty feeling lives that others told us we should want and value and the guilt that comes with that weighs us down even more.

This situation is the source of much anxiety and depression, in my own experience.

On the outside, it looks like we have it all, but inside we are dying a slow death.

Everything looks perfect, but eventually we get to the point where it feels like it's falling apart and we are holding on with a thread.

The dissonance between our hearts' calling and reality gets so great we either listen or crumble.

And if we don't listen to that quiet, but persistent nagging voice, then crumble it must, so it can be rebuilt authentically.

Trust yourself enough to know you can do it, and please start this journey!

With any guide you feel a connection with.

The only way to heal the planet is through one person at a time. One woman at a time.

By bringing healing to ourselves.

By remembering our wholeness.

By remembering the wholeness we forgot, we create healing through our entire family - for our sons and daughters and our mothers and fathers.

And when we do this we give others the inspiration to do the same.

We are truly powerful!

You are already whole - you just believed you weren't.

You already have everything you need - you've just not yet learned to recognize, value, honor and open to it.

It's time.

Now is your time.

You can read a book, or hear a story, but there's nothing like an experience to make it come alive and sink in so deeply it becomes who you are.

Through the heart led offerings listed below, I'd love to share with you a few tools I've learned and discovered that have helped me immensely on my journey back to me!

And which I continue to use, as I deepen into my own journey within.

Say yes to your journey.

Say yes to yourself.

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