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Things you may be wondering about Lifestyle Sessions...

Who is my client?

Anyone who loves authentic, emotional, and natural images. Who wants to go with the flow and embrace the moment, and prefers non-traditional and less posed photos. 

How far ahead do I book a session?

I take only 4 clients a month, and so booking ahead ensures you get the month you want without having to wait. There is a deposit required for each session to hold your date. I do not take clients in May, June, July or August for family reasons.

What time of day to I book sessions?

Natural daylight makes for beautiful photographs, so in home sessions are done during the brightest time of day in your home. In mid-winter, the best daylight hours for shooting are between 10am and 2pm. In spring, summer, and fall we have a greater daylight window to work in.  And it's also great to work around small baby's children's nap schedules too. Together we will work out the best time for your indoor session. If we shoot a full session outdoors then we will begin about 2 hours before sunset.

What do we wear?

Whatever you have in your closet is great. No need to buy anything special if you don't want to. The heart of these sessions is authenticity; being who you truly are, so please, wear what you feel comfiest in. This way your true self shines through more readily. But do stay away from shirts with logos, writing and very bold patterns as they can be distracting in photos. 

If you really want to style it up a bit stick to something timeless. Neutrals are a safe choice, but color is fun too. Coordinate colors, but do not match outfits {as in everyone wearing the same color shirt or pants}. 

What should my baby wear?

To capture the essence and smallness of baby, a neutral colored {white, cream, or light grey} onesie is wonderful. White or cream colored linen swaddles are beautiful too  {if baby wears brigher color, it can reflect color onto the skin}. A plain diaper is also great. In winter, to keep baby comfortable it is best to have the house comfortably warm. Not too warm that everyone else gets hot and grumpy, but warm enough to keep baby from getting chilled.

What if my baby cries, or my kids get crazy?

That's the beauty of this style of photography! We are trying to capture your realness. You want to remember the good and the rough parts too. This is a short time in your life {despite how it may feel at times} so let's embrace it. For babies, we will be very sensitive to their needs. There is lots of time for breaks for feeding or diapering, or cuddles too {in fact a whole newborn session can be done with baby in mom or dad's arms}. For toddlers and children, we'll adapt and change activities as we need to. After all, isn't that what parenting is about? Often, following a child's lead creates the magic in which the most memorable photos are created.

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