Be You | A Personal Branding Experience - Jennifer Grundner

This is a highly unique and customized photography package designed to create visually strong, authentic and soulful business branding images.

Images that speak to your desired and aligned clients!


This session is especially unique because we intuitively connect to your essence self - your core - who you really are underneath the fears and the doubts that can side track you.

The part of you who knows you are ready to step further out into the world with your more refined and uniquely creative gifts, skills, knowledge and offers.

The part of you that knows how to really show up in her business.

The part of you that knows how you want to be visually seen as you move forward.

The part of you that's ready for new images to show the world what she has to offer!

THIS is the part of you that your clients NEED to see to resonate with and connect with your services.

She guides the experience because she knows something very important.... 


They want to feel you and understand what you will create for them through your work.

They want to feel what it will be like to work with you!

They want to connect with you intuitively.

And your essence knows exactly how to authentically

connect with them.  

Your essence is our guide on how you are ready to be seen in the

images we create and the stories we visually share. 

Many of us have never consciously connected with our essence self, so this part of the

experience is very powerful and life changing all on it's own.

Connecting to and activating our essence is magnetic to the clients we are here to serve.

It attracts and connects us to the right audience and to future clients who are

truly aligned with our work and services; clients who would love to

pay us in exchange for what we have to offer them!    

YOU are your brand!

So let's capture your essence, connect with your audience,

and grow your business as you serve with your gifts as you were meant to!

Because it's more about BEING than is is about DOING


We'll capture lifestyle shots, styled

photos of props, tools of your trade,

your workspace and everything else we

feel tells your unique story.


Begin at an introductory price of

$1597 CA

{$2565 CA regular value} 

This is a month long experience designed to

reconnect you deeply to the one who's behind your business - YOU.

What's included in the experience:

• 2 hour VIP Essence Activation + Biz Mastermind Session {$497 Value}

~  guided visualization and reconnection to your essence self with lots of time to sink deeply into and explore

the vision you have for your business. This session brings so much clarity of direction

and lots of inspiration and momentum to move forward with aligned action 

~ intuitive guidance for wardrobe 

~ intuitive outline of photo session {locations, "poses", etc}

~ intention created to guide the whole experience.

• collaborative Pinterest mood/vision/biz/essence board {$149 value}

~ this is a powerful intuitively created visual anchor to guide you in embodying your vision

• 60 minute Alignment to You Session {$225 value}

~ following our inspirational Essence + Biz Mastermind Session, beliefs that do not support

who we truly are in our business will arise. This session is for releasing the beliefs that hold

you back so you can gain even more momentum in moving forward in your vision.  

• Be You Photoshoot {$897 value}

~ 2 hour - 2.5 hour photo session with up to 2 locations and 3 outfit changes

online gallery of 30-35 edited high resolution digital images for download

(larger file sizes as well as copies in a smaller format for ease of online and email use)

commercial and personal use of images

print release

• 90 minute Recreating Your Money Beliefs session {$347 value}

~ discover and clear your 2 biggest money beliefs holding

you back from receiving more abundance and prosperity through your business! 

• 60 minute Be Seen session ($225 value}

~ Release long held deep fears of being seen, so your clients can really see and connect with you!

Feeling safe to be seen allows us to be seen even more, as we no longer unconsciously do things to hide out of fear.

• reach out through messenger support for the whole experience {$225 value}   

{Payment plan available upon request}

This is a beautiful, soulful, fun, and easy investment into your business!

It builds your business through client attraction by reconnecting you to

a part of you that you weren't as conscious of before.

The creative power of our essence is infinite!

This experience is incredibly customized to you.

It's not a generic course you buy and apply to yourself, it is completely

100% tailored to you and meets you exactly where you are at right now. 

If you could have a window into the soul of your business  - this is it. 


How much fun would it be to share images you love on social media,

your website or in email content? 

To shine your unique light with more confidence because what you are portraying

feels authentic, beautiful and totally lights you up inside?        

When we feel lit up, we become magnetic.


by emailing

or book a compatibility call with Jen

or chat through messenger


Client Love

I have absolutely loved this process with you Jen! You’re a beautiful, gentle leader, with so much loving supportive space holding energy. 

It’s definitely no mistake that we were meant to have that time together! Thank you for witnessing me, I felt safe, and fully myself, in the beautiful container you held for me. And I too feel so honored... to have the support of such a loving and supportive woman! Thank you, thank you, thank you!! Everything was absolutely amazing.

LOVE love LOVE! I love my photos! I will be incorporating them when I start with my {next} offerings. Thank you so much Jen!

Melissa | Saskatoon, SK

The most powerful part of this experience is reconnecting

to your essence and allowing her to be seen.

Your clients find you when they can see you.



{Travel available}

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