Return to You - Jennifer Grundner

Who are you? 

Are you "loving mom", "devoted daughter", "a great friend", "faithful wife", "a (insert job title here :) ",

"fun loving",  "world traveler", "business owner", "so successful" or "very blessed"?  

Ahhhhh... you have it all. You really do. 

It all sounds just so wonderful. And it is.

But something feels... off...


or rather, lost.


In all the amazing wonder of the life you have created, the life you know you should love

(and you sort of do, but this nagging part of you you suppress feels you should love it more,

and the guilt of admitting that keeps you avoiding yourself through unhealthy distractions).  

You created it all, but it's not fulfilling in the ways you thought it would be. 

When you get really honest with yourself, you see that you are living the product of everyone else's

ideas of what your life should look like, not yours.

And the anxiety that brews in your belly and the fear in your mind keeps you stuffing it away,

unsuccessfully hiding from yourself. 

There are SO many wonderful things in your life, so much to be grateful for, and you are grateful.

So why do you feel like shit?

Because something - someone - is missing.

And that someone is you.

The most powerful relationship we have is with ourselves.

We learn the template for this relationship from our earliest caregivers - usually our mothers and fathers.

Most of us know we are loved, but deep down we were not given love in the ways we truly needed.

We were not seen, heard, valued and appreciated for our true selves. 

Our mothers and fathers (and many others in our lives) mirror us back to us.

But the problem was (and is), the mirror that they are for us is distorted, and what we see is a

distorted view of ourselves, not the truth of who we are.

We grew up internalizing this distorted self, thinking it's totally normal, but feeling quietly shameful,

like something is deeply wrong with us.

Our caregivers and others in our lives simply couldn't give it to us they way we needed it,

as they didn't get it they way they needed either.

It's generational wounding unconsciously passed down.

There is no blame, but through awareness and understanding we can heal and release the effects of this,

in our own lives and in the lives of our children.  

As adults, we unconsciously seek what we didn't get as a foundation as children;

we seek outside ourselves and seek to give ourselves away for approval and validation.

So we can finally feel "right" and whole in who we are.

We abandon ourselves in the way we felt abandoned.

In fact, we've never BEEN ourselves long enough to know ourselves,

before we had to leave ourselves in order to meet the expectations and get approval of others.

We've not been loved in the ways we needed,

so we've never learned how to love and care for ourselves in the ways we truly need.

We've never even known what it is we've needed. 

But that time is over!

You're the adult now, and you can learn how to reconnect within; to hear, see, know and trust what it is

YOU need to continuously nourish and support yourself,  to create the solid foundation

for a life you consciously create and love.

You are the one who can give yourself what you've been missing all this time.    

By stepping into this transformational program you are saying yes to you!

You are choosing you.

You are fast tracking your path to greater joy and freedom,

wiping away future years of unfulfillment and disconnection.

You are creating joy and connection in NOW.   

You will reconnect within.

You'll meet your true self, and release the self you created to survive.

You'll also begin healing your relationship with your mother and father {even if they were mostly loving}.

You'll learn deeply healing tools to continuously support, nurture and deepen your relationship with self.

The time for survival is over - it's time to thrive!

This transformation is for you if you are

• so done with the disempowering ways you've experience your life.

• feeling anxious and fearful, but long to feel peaceful, safe and joyful.

• find it hard to trust yourself, especially with big decisions, and continually look outside yourself for direction.

• trapped in perfectionism, trying to live up to some unknown standard you can't ever seem to meet.

• struggling with feeling unworthy, not seen, not heard, not valued and not respected.

• repeatedly prioritizing other people's feelings and your family's needs ahead of your well-being. 

• tolerating toxic relationship dynamics.

• disconnected from what you truly want and desire,  unable to follow your own unique path.

• not feeling comfortable in your body; ashamed of being you, so your aren't your true self.

• ready to leave behind the belief and feeling of being a victim to life. 

And you are SO ready to

• feel comfortable and safe in your own decisions.

 • find the missing pieces you are unconsciously searching for. 

• take responsibility for your own shit, and show up as the powerful creator of a joy filled life. 

• shed years of energetic weight through releasing beliefs that do not aligned with who you are truly designed to be.

• create a sustainable, supportive and nourishing foundation with yourself to build a life you love.

• learn to use your sacred feminine nature to guide and support your life instead of feeling burdened by it.

 lead your children by example by creating an authentic life for yourself.

  • experience greater connection and harmony in relationships. 

• lead and encourage other women by living your own connected and nourished life. 

•  become connected, nourished, expansive, empowered, and lit up from within!  

How the transformation flows...

Month 1 | Be Valued

• 90 minute Essence session

• 60 minute alignment session

tools:   Essence board creation | creating space for yourself physically and through a daily morning self-connection practice 

Month 2 | Be Seen

• 90 minute inner child session

• 60 minute alignment session

documents + tools: aligning with feminine cycles | womb meditation

Month 3 | Be Heard

• 90 minute masculine wounds releasing session + meet your father's essence

• 60 minute alignment session {healing the father relationship}

tools: continue to deepen into last months tools + ?

Month 4 | Be Respected

• 90 minute (boundaries?) session - your body as your  compass {your body experience of yes and no}  + meet your mother's essence

• 60 minute alignment session

documents + tools: mother wound journaling and resources?, somatic experiencing the body as safe session recording or do this in the boundaries session?

Month 5  | Be Trusted

• Soulography ™ intuitive self guided photo journey (90 min session with me online intuiting wisdom) 

• 60 minute alignment session

tools: the intuitive photo journey practice

Month 6 | Be Honored ~ integration month

• 60 minute integration session

• 60 minute alignment session

tools: Herstory | write your new life script 

The shame and the fear and the self-doubt - it's all lies, and you don't have to live them anymore. 

Experience a new relationship to yourself!

Introductory investment

$3697 {$7000 value}


2 - 60 minute re-alignment sessions  - to use if you need extra support within the program {$297 value}

Monthly - A Year of You Soulography virtual group circles {$297 value}

Daytime support via messenger {$1200 value}


Book a 30 minute compatibility session here:

or reach me through messenger @jengrundner

or email: 

Your joyful + connected life is waiting ♡ 

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