Woodlands & Wanderlust - Jennifer Grundner

Woodlands & Wanderlust

One day, while wandering with my children through the forest, camera in hand, I "discovered" wildflowers. This was the day I realized I had unintentionally got caught up in the rush of life, the demands of small children, the needs of others, and forgotten about the small bits of magic sprinkled throughout our days.  The small bits of wonder that bring us back to ourselves as we remember there is something greater than us out there and the beauty present in the everyday, if we are only willing to stop long enough to notice. 

On this day, I saw the small things again - and how incredible they were! And how much more beautiful they made my day. Intentionally focusing on the small things has brought me greater happiness and deeper joy in general, as well as more happiness as a mom. It is my hope to share of bit of that with you, through nature and wildflowers.

All wildflower images are available as blank 5 x 7 notecards {with flower name on the back}, custom order prints, or on canvas. All landscape images are available as custom order prints or canvas as well.

Please contact me if you would like to know more or to order an image.

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